Atlantean Method

What is the Atlantean Method or Therapy?


The Atlantean methodology is a compendium of procedures, techniques, disciplines, tools and sacred geometry combined with light, for its application to living beings and environments. An application that allows us to harmonize what we intervene, -Persons, animals, plants, environments- obtaining very therapeutic and harmonizing results.


The Atlantean method has been developed for more than twenty years by José Miguel Arguix Moreno, with the collaboration of a large group of collaborating experts in various fields that, over the years, have contributed with the vision and knowledge that Now we can all use and take advantage of it. It is an open method of continuous improvement, which continues to constantly incorporate new knowledge, to produce accurate interventions with the highest quality.


The therapy is the product of thousands of hours of research and study, based on current scientific knowledge, as well as from the knowledge of classical teachers such as Pythagoras (Mathematics), Plato (Geometry), Leonardo Da Vinci and some more. All this without forgetting the ancient Egyptian wisdom from which comes the Atlantean Seal, the basis of many of the mandalas we handle, and new knowledge about numerology, quantum physics or photonics. Atlantean tools have been developed and adapted with numerology, sacred geometry and mathematical formulas, forming unique mandalas.


The name "Atlantean Therapy" is due to the writings of Plato in which he mentions Atlantis but also to the influence of the Atlantean seal in this methodology.


«God always makes Geometry»

(Phrase attributed to Plato by Plutarch)


In the Atlantean methodology, in addition to the specific operative of research and application, light tools are used constituted by unique mandalas, based on sacred geometry, that affect living beings and the environments through the intention of the operator and the information that is transmitted photonically, something that without a doubt, also has its repercussions at the quantum level in what we are dealing with. In this universe, everything is based on waves at different frequencies. What we call negative energy or negativity, is not other than forms of energy at low frequency.


Something dense, dark and antagonistic to our vital harmony. When an environment or a living being is impregnated with this type of energy, dysfunction and disorder appear. The environments are unhealthy. People often get sick and do not thrive in many aspects: health, business, relationships, projects ... Fortunately Atlantean tools have a very high frequency, capable of beneficially inducing environments or living beings affected by these harmful frequencies; liberating them, creating harmony and contributing to their being healthier.


Something decisive for the maintenance of health is the environment. Its quality in all aspects determines the quality of life that it houses. The environment and everything that constitutes it, including living beings, can potentially emit or contain all kinds of vibrations, rhythms, waves of form, colors, substances, information in various formats, etc. The quality of these factors will be decisive in the quality of life that we enjoy. Identify what factors hurt us and what factors benefit us at any level, is key to modify or avoid them and improve living conditions.


The Atlantean method gives us a trail of knowledge, procedures, resources and tools to be able to investigate and identify those negative zones. It also provides us with quality means and solutions to modify and correct many aspects of the environment when it is harmful, physically or esoterically, improving our living conditions, even in these matters that are not intangible or imperceptible to ordinary people. they are not present.

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